If you activate the option "Enable auto confirmation for exact transaction matches" in the 'Advanced settings' of your account, Xpenditure will already match credit card transactions with expenses that are 100 % alike.

The transaction lines that are already matched automatically will have a green card icon and no more action is required from your side:

To see which expense has been matched to this transaction, click on the transaction, followed by clicking on the button ‘match confirmed’.

The grey card icon in a transaction line means that Xpenditure has found potential matches and you need to check these potential ones.

You will have to select the expense that corresponds with that transaction yourself by clicking on the button 'match found' to see the potential expenses:

If the suggested expense is the right one, hover over the expense picture and click on the V-sign. When this is not the right expense, hit ‘See more expenses’ and choose the right one.

When there is no card shown at all in the transaction line, it means that there is not an expense in the system that could be linked to this transaction. Or that Xpenditure was not able to find it because of too many differences between the expense and the transaction. Of course you can also try to look for the missing receipt via the ‘None-button’ where all expenses will show so you can search for the relevant expense but as  Finance you can also send a reminder to the user. He/she will then receive a mail telling him/her the missing receipt needs to be provided for this transaction.

Xpenditure will not match transactions older than 3 months. These transactions will need to be matched manually. 

You can unmatch a transaction by clicking on the cross on the transaction.

If there is more than 5% difference between the expense amount and the transaction amount, Xpenditure will ask you if you want to overwrite the expense amount with the transaction amount.

This only happens when you want to match an expense and transaction from the expense view.

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