The data feed is only available for certain countries. If the option “connect your bank here” appears in your dashboard you can connect to your online banking. If the option is not available, you will not have access to a direct bank connection. No worries, you can still use our csv or pdf upload! 

Step 1: Connect to data feed:

To enable the data feed click on “Import your bank transactions” in the dashboard. 

In the Transaction screen you can click on the button underneath “Add Transaction” and choose “Connect your credit card” or “Connect your debit card”.

Step 2: Select bank: 

The connection with Direct ID will open. Click on “Start” and start typing your bank's name in the search engine. All relevant banks will appear, you can identify your bank by name and the URL used for your online banking.

Step 3: Username and password:

Connect to your bank or credit card by entering the username and password used for your online banking. If your bank has extra securities like activation codes, you will need to enter those as well.

Problems importing your transactions? Check our troubleshooting page for quick tips and tricks.

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