After receiving all credit card transactions from the bank, you can upload them into the Xpenditure account. Go to the 'Transactions tab' in the left navigation bar in the role of Finance and click on the green button "Add Transaction":

Via ‘Add transactions’ you can upload transactions by using our CSV template:

This can be used when your bank provides you a daily or monthly extract of the corporate credit card expenses. Make sure you complete it as mentioned in the first line of the template.

Via ‘Add statements’ you can upload standard PDF bank statements that contain at least the last 4 digits of the card and the name of the user. Select the relevant statement via ‘select files’:

After selecting the statement you need to select the user(s).

If you want to add more statements, select "Add some more statements". If not click on "Create these statements" so that the statement can be read out into transactions lines. You can close this page or even log out, each statement will be read out in about 20 minutes.

When hitting on pending statements you will see the statement that is uploading:

If you would make a mistake and you want to delete the pending statement, hoover over it until the green cross appears and click on the cross to delete the processing statement:

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