American Express:

American Express has several interfaces, so depending on the settings of your account the connection may be different. As a user with Program Admin privileges on the corporate card American Express site, you may need to create an individual log in. This can be done on the AmEx website or contact AmEx if needed. 


Activation Code - Some Chase accounts require an activation code. This can be sent via email, phone or text messages. 

Capital One: 

To connect Direct ID to their Capital One 360 account a user will need to generate an access code. To generate this code, the user will need to log into the Capital One 360 website and follow these steps: From the Account Summary Page click the “My Info” Tab and select “Access Code” On this page, select “Create” or “Create Access Code” and a new code will be generated for the user. This is also the page where a user can retrieve an access code if one is already generated.  At any time an user can disconnect ongoing access to all services connected via this access code by clicking the “block” button. 

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