The import of credit card and bank transactions can be different for each bank. Banks are using different types of accounts and security policies. If any error occurs the tips & tricks below can help. If the connection fails, you can contact

Quick Tips & tricks:

Data feed - Xpenditure works with Direct ID to support the Banks and Credit Card feed into Xpenditure. Direct ID supports the direct data feed of more than 4,000 banks worldwide.

Users are unable to see the Direct ID widget:

If the user is unable to see the widget on the verification page, it may mean that the browser that is being used is blocking javascript. Something like this is usually enforced by some IT departments in some companies.

This can be resolved by the following:

  • Accessing the verification page using a different network
  • Using a different web browser
  • Arranging with the IT department that the javascript is enabled

Direct ID connection – log in:

As banks often require new passwords, first quickly check if you can sign into your online banking. Then you will know your username, password, or other security information are correct. 

Some banks are not allowing multiple logins into the same account, via different means. So you might need to log out from your online banking on all devices, wait a couple of minutes and retry the process in Xpenditure.

Login successful – but no transaction:

Make sure you add your credit or debit card as a payment method in the Xpenditure settings. Only then Xpenditure will be able to import the transactions and link them to the correct payment method (input the last 4 digits).

Did the above? Contact if your transactions are not uploaded the day after a successful connect with Direct ID. 

Expenses stopped importing:

If your data feed was working correctly but later stopped importing expenses, you might need to reconnect to your Credit card or bank. This can be caused by securities some banks are using, this may happen each month or each week depending on your banks policies. 

Account locked:

Banks can lock your account after multiple login attempts. If this happens, just contact your bank or reset your password via your online banking. 

Transactions are available in online banking, but not in Xpenditure: 

Banks often display pending expenses on their website. Those pending expense will not be available in Xpenditure, because this status can still change. This delay can be up to 3 days or more. 

Expense date and transaction date different:

The transaction date can be different than the expense date, this is because the banks provide us the post date of the expense. This post date is the date the money was officially transferred. The difference between expense and transaction date is mostly 1 day, but can be up to 5 days. If you notice longer delays, please contact

No credit cards or bank accounts found: 

This can be due to the bank/credit card selected. Make sure you selected the correct option in the Direct ID widget. In the widget you will see the URL of the bank, make sure this is the same as your online banking.

 If no other selection is possible or if not clear, then please contact We will help you to find the correct connection.

Corporate card import:

Corporate cards can be imported using the data feed. The master account holder can connect all individual cards at once.  This can be done via the ‘Finance role’, the connection needs to be requested. So please contact to get this activated.

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