Connect DROPBOX to Xpenditure, and put your digital receipts in your Xpenditure inbox folder. Xpenditure will read out all data and create an expense. Xpenditure reports are available in your storage account.

Link the accounts via these steps:

  1. Login in Xpenditure and navigate to Personal Settings.
  2. At the bottom of the page you can connect Dropbox to your Xpenditure account.
  3. You will be redirected to the login page of the cloud storage. Login using your Dropbox username and password.
  4. Once connected, a new folder called Apps will be created - if it does not exist yet. In this folder you will find the folder Xpenditure with 3 subfolders: inbox, processed, reports.

Now this is done, you can submit and report expenses:

  1. Add receipts to your Xpenditure inbox folder.
  2. Xpenditure will check this folder every minute and read out the receipts.
  3. An expense is created in your Xpenditure account
  4. All processed receipts will be moved to the Xpenditure processed folder.
  5. When generating reports, a copy of your report can be found in your Xpenditure reports folder.
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