Here you can find all steps to setup the connection between Xpenditure and FreeAgent, how to choose the right connection settings and to export the data from Xpenditure towards FreeAgent.

1/ Setting up the connection

  1. Click on 'Integrations', under 'Settings' in the navigation bar on the left hand side.
  2. Choose FreeAgent and click on the green 'Connect'-button.
  3. Fill in your FreeAgent login details, click on 'Approve App’ and ‘approve’ the connection in your FreeAgent account
  4. Approve the connection in your FreeAgent account.

2/ Choose your settings

  1. Choose the branch from Xpenditure (your company) that you would like to connect with FreeAgent.

In Xpenditure, you can create different corporate entities in your account through the creation of ‘Branches’. They are entities with different VAT numbers and therefore have independent accounting reports. Thus for purposes regarding Xpenditure, operate independently. 

Since it is also possible to connect with your account partner on a branch level, you can export to different FreeAgent accounts or to the same account.

Two different ways to establish a connection: 

1/ via ‘New Connection’ => this allows you to link branches to a different FreeAgent account.

2/ via ‘Add new setting’ => this allows you to link the different branches to the same FreeAgent account. 

2. Choose if you would like your 'Projects' to be imported in Xpenditure so you can          assign expenses to them. Your FreeAgent projects will appear in the 'Projects' of          Xpenditure and will be available in the Mobile Application as well.

When the synchronization between both accounts was successful, you will see the following appears:

For the full manual on the FreeAgent integration, click here

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