Advice and answers from the Xpenditure Team

For the account setup, the ADMINISTRATOR can use the manual Account Set Up to go over all of the different steps.

A USER can find all details and explanations on how to change his personal settings, add expenses and create a report in the Users Manual.

How to change your role to the APPROVER and all info on approving and rejecting expenses, you can find in the Approval Manual.

How to change your role to the CONTROLLER and all info on controlling and rejecting approved expenses, you can find in the Controller Manual.

As Finance you have an overview of all of the expenses and you are the only one that can create the accounting Reports.

As a user you can upload and match your credit card TRANSACTIONS yourself: Matching by the USER or Finance can do this for you: Matching by the Finance Role.

How to create, manage and complete advances as a TREASURER you can find in the document Advances.

How to create per diems, as a trip or for individual days. 

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