My receipt scanning takes longer than expected, is that normal? 

Normally our OCR scanning reads out receipts in a couple of minutes. Small delays may be possible due to peak moments, which may create an OCR queue. 

I can’t see all my expenses?  

Once expenses are processed by your accounting and finance department, the expenses will get the status ‘Reported’. Reported expenses are hidden from your view. If you want to show the reported expenses, you can select ‘show reported expenses’ in your filter. 

What do the different statuses in Xpenditure mean?

  • processing - The expense is being read out, please have patience…
  • duplicate - This expense might be a duplicate.
  • unreadable - The uploaded receipt cannot be read out.
  • to be verified - Some missing fields need to be completed by you.
  • to submit - The expense is ready to be submitted.
  • submitted - The expense has been submitted to the approver.
  • recalled - The submitted expense has been recalled by you.
  • approved - The expense has been approved.
  • controlled - The expense is approved by the controller (a second level of approval).
  • rejected - The expense has been rejected by the approver or the controller.
  • reported - Voila! The expense is in its final stage in Xpenditure. Any accounting and reimbursement follow up will be generated from reported expenses. 

Who is approving my expenses? 

If you want to know who is approving your expenses in Xpenditure, you can check the history of your expenses. 

My approver didn’t approve my expenses yet, what can I do? 

Expenses with the status ‘Submitted’ still need to be approved. If you know the cut off day for accounting to process expenses is getting closer, you might want to send a reminder. If you open an expense with the status ‘Submitted’ you can select ‘Send reminder’, this will trigger an email notification to your approver.

What do I need to do with Rejected expenses?

The reason for rejection should be clear in the expense. You might need to reply to your approver with extra information, add info in the comment field or delete the expense from Xpenditure.

I receive many emails from Xpenditure. How do I change the frequency of those emails?

You can change the email frequency in your personal settings. 

  • Never - You will not receive any automated emails. Rejections or reminders will still be sent. 
  • Monthly - You will receive a monthly overview. Rejections or reminders will still be sent immediately.
  • Weekly -  You will receive a weekly overview. Rejections or reminders will still be sent immediately.
  • Daily - You will receive a daily overview. Rejections or reminders will still be sent immediately.
  • Immediately - You will receive an immediate notification if an action is performed on your expenses.

My expenses are mostly in the same currency. How do I set a default currency in case my receipt doesn’t mention the currency? 

An default currency can be set in your personal settings. 

What does the secondary email address in my personal settings mean? 

With the secondary email address you can add extra email addresses to forward receipts from. This email address will only be used for the recognition of forwarded emails. 

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