By default Xpenditure uses the exchange rate of to convert all your expenses with a foreign currency into your account currency.

However when a payment was made with a credit card and you upload and match the relevant transaction with the expense, we will overwrite the calculated amount with the amount mentioned on your bank statement. That way you can be sure there is no difference in your expense and transaction amount.

If ever needed, you can also change the exchange rate manually in the expense itself after saving the receipt:

Another possibility here is to upload your own conversion rate to the company account. We will activate this option for you after sending an email to
After the activation you can upload the CSV with the values you want via 'Settings' - 'Company settings' - tab 'Profile', underneath the logo of your company.

Administrators can add a premium rate (additional percentages) to the exchange rates as well, so these will be added automatically.

This can be done in the Company Settings > Advanced Settings > Expenses

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