In the 'Settings' - 'Company settings' - 'Tax rates' you can use the predefined value that we will automatically setup based on the country of your default branch so you save even more time.
(If you do not see this option in the 'Company settings', activate the option 'Show VAT amount and VAT percentage field' first in the 'Advanced settings'.)

Furthermore, you can link the rates to specific categories to create more automatization. To do so, just open up the relevant rate by clicking on the line.

Of course you can also create your own rates and provide them with tax codes to link them more easily to your ERP system, as they will appear in all default export (xls, csv and xml) reports. These extra rates can be created by clicking on the green button "Add tax rate".

To name the field in the expense form so that it is recognizable by your users, you can click on the little green crayon next to the title "Tax" on top of the page and change the name to for example VAT or any other name you would like to use.

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