When your company structure is added into Xpenditure, by defining the branches and the groups of your company, you can assign users to the relevant groups. To do so, go to 'Settings' - 'Company Settings' - 'Users'.

You can click on 'Add User' to create your colleagues one by one.
When you want to add a batch of users, it is faster to do the upload via our CSV template via 'Upload users'. Important here:

  • Country and Language codes need to be filled in according to the ISO codes: Language

            eng = English
            ned = Dutch
            fra = French
            ger = German
            spa = Spanish
            ita = Italian
            cze = Czech
            por = Portuguese
            dan = Danish
Country: BE = Belgium, NL = Netherlands, FR = France, DE = Germany, GB = United Kingdom, US = United States. You can find a full list of ISO country codes here.

  • Active / Inactive: When a user should not be activated yet, set “0”. When the user needs to be active and receive an invitation email immediately set “1”.
  • Do not make any changes to our CSV or the upload will not work. Leave columns blank if you do not need them!
    Do not make typos in the branch name, otherwise our system will create a new branch!

The overview will show all the users, in which group they are in, whether or not it is an active user and what roles the user has.

If you click on a user-line, you will enter the users' details. Here you can add and complete users details: activate the roles the user needs, add an extra group if relevant and add payment methods (for example a company card, linked to the company bank account and therefore never reimbursable).

To send all invitation mails at the same time you can easily select all users, by checking the box in front of their name and click on the button ‘Activate users’.

Once created, it is not possible to delete a user. You can only deactivate a user so that this person no longer has access to Xpenditure but all uploaded expenses can still be consulted by Finance. To deactivate a user, click on this user in the 'Company Settings' and uncheck the box before 'Activate user'.

You can also add non existing branches and groups via the csv upload. Branches and groups that are not yet in the system but mentioned in this file, will be created in Xpenditure.

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