When your branches are up to date, you can start creating your groups before adding users to the company account. Go to 'Settings' - 'Company Settings' - 'Groups'.

Xpenditure has created one default group for you already:

You can overwrite and complete the group by clicking on the Group-line. This group is attached to the first branch that was created and you are the first member (if your email address was used to create the account) so best to change the name of the group to the department you belong to.

If you need more groups, you can add them one by one by clicking on the green button 'Add group'. Choose the branch first, enter the name of the group and if wanted enter a group ID. If you need to add a large number of groups, you can also use our CSV template via the button ‘Upload groups’.

Do not make any changes to our CSV or the upload will not work. Leave columns blank if you do not need them! Do not make typos in the branch name, otherwise a new branch will be created!

If you want the same group name for different branches, indicate the branch in the name. That way you will be able to recognize the correct group to indicate the approval flow. Furthermore the group name is a unique field, to have those groups under the same cost center you can fill in the same group ID multiple times; which is not a unique field and can thus contain the same value.

If you want to work with a group parent, create the parent as a regular group first and select this created group in the relevant field in the details of your sub groups.

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