To setup the company account, go to 'Settings' - 'Company Settings'. There you can manage and define the settings by following this checklist:

  1. Check out the Advanced settings and activate the options/features you need.
  2. Complete and add the Branches.
  3. Create all necessary Groups and overwrite the default group with your department.
  4. Upload all of your colleagues in Users and complete your own details.
  5. Customize your company Categories.
  6. Set up the Mileage rate(s).
  7. Predefine the Tax rates.
  8. Complete the company Profile and add extra currencies here when needed for reporting.
  9. Create and manage the Per diems lists.
  10. Upload Projects.
  11. Implement the company Rules.
  12. Manage specific Roles permissions.
  13. Add extra Custom fields.
  14. Set up the Time tracking rate(s).
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