Categories can be used to link expenses to the correct GL-account.  Categories are linked to a branch, since every branch can have its own categories.
Go to 'Settings' - 'Company Settings' - 'Categories'. When you have a brand new account you can continue with the 14 default categories or you can select the checkbox before the category and delete or disable those 14 categories via the 'Actions'-button.

Categories need to be created per branch. We offer you a CSV-template to upload a batch of categories or you just add them manually. Both name and number will appear in your acounting report. Both options are available via the 'add categories-button.

After adding your categories, you can also choose some extra options for your categories, click on the relevant category and you will see the following:

It will help you in setting a limit per expense - type or set default values, all of this to make the life of your colleagues easier.

You can also activate the hierarchical categories in the advanced settings:

With this option you can use parent and subcategories, to split up a category into more defined subcategories:

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