Create a report as CFO

Change your role to 'CFO' via the drop down arrow top right of your screen: You will immediately arrive in the Expenses overview of the entire company, or at least the branches you have access to - which is defined by the administrator.

By clicking on the 'Reporting-button' in the left navigation bar, the screen will change from the Expenses overview towards the reporting options: Automatically the 'Accounting report' is selected but you can also create a 'Standard report' or a 'VAT reclaim report':


For the accounting report, we only need you to fill in the end date of the report. We will then create a report with all expenses that have the status 'Controlled' and have an expense date before the date you selected as end date. The report will contain all expenses for all branches unless you have selected a branch as well. Once the report is made and you checked the box to archive these expenses, they will get the status 'Reported' and these expenses will not end up in the next accounting report.


In this reporting type you can create any overview you want by using all filters you want to combine.


This report will give you a detailed overview with all VAT information, until the end date you have filled in.