You can now approve and control expenses in the app

Just launch the Xpenditure app, open the menu on the left and go to 'approvals' or 'controlling'.
You can swipe left to reject an expense, or swipe right to approve it.

When doing some heavy approving, you can use the 'approve all' button on the bottom.


Change your role to 'Approver' via the drop down arrow top right of your screen:

You will immediately arrive in the Approver's Dashboard with an overview of users you are approver of if they have uploaded

  • Expenses for approval
  • Unsubmitted expenses

By clicking on a users' line in the first section - Expenses for approval - you will be able to see all of the expenses you can approve or reject and you can open each expense line for more details.

By clicking on a users' line in the second section - Unsubmitted expenses - you can send a reminder to users so they do not forget to submit their expenses and you can approve or reject them.

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