Reimburse reports give an overview of all expenses that need to be reimbursed. Only expenses that have gone through the entire approval flow will show in the report. Creating a reimbursement report is very similar to creating a standard report:

Go to the 'Expenses'-tab, filter the expenses you want, click on the Report'-button' and choose 'Create reimburse report'

In the next screen you get a draft version of the report, click on the green button 'Export to PDF' to create the export file.

Name your report, select the currency (if there is more than one in your company), enter your IBAN number if needed and click on "Export".

Wait for the wheel to stop spinning. You can download the report by clicking the 'V'-button.

Remember an expense will only be shown once in a reimbursement report. Better to group expenses before creating a report.

If you do not see the option 'Create reimburse report', you will receive your reimbursement report from your Finance when it is ready and no action is needed from your side.

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