The accounting report summarizes all the completed expenses until the end date you choose.

To create the accounting report, click on the 'Reporting-button' next to the 'Adding expenses'-button. Via the dropdown you can select 'Create accounting report':

Select an end date and click 'Run accounting report'.

You will see a draft version of the report on your screen where you can review the expenses. Choose to what extension you want to export your report by clicking on the 'Export report-button'.

Wait for the wheel to stop spinning. Download the report by clicking the 'V'-button.

To be sure not to forget to mark all expenses as reported - so that they will not appear in the next accounting report and you can be sure all expenses are only paid back once - you can set this option as a default in your 'Personal settings' by checking the box before 'Activate set as reported for accounting reports by default'.

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