You can upload a receipt into your Xpenditure account in different ways. No matter which option you choose; our OCR will read out the date, merchant, amount and currency for you.


Open the app and hit "Add an image".

Take a picture. If the result is OK, click on "Use photo".
If not take a new picture until you are happy with the result.

Fill in the details, then save and submit the expense (via the green paper-with-arrow-icon).


You can add a receipt by clicking on the green ‘Add expenses’-button. Or you can click on ‘Expenses’ in the navigation bar and then click on the green ‘Add expenses’-button:


Scan and email receipts by attaching a receipt to an email and sending it to or just forward any invoices you have received via email (for example a plane ticket) to this mail address.

  • Body email - If you forward an email without an attachment, we will convert the email into a receipt.
  • One attachment - If you forward an email with one attachment, we will use the attachment as receipt (.jpeg, pdf,.png).
  • Multiple attachments - We will create a separate expense for each attachment in the email.

If you want to forward emails with an email address other then your company email address, you can add more email addresses to forward receipts from in your personal account settings:

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