Change your role to 'Finance' via the drop down arrow top right of your screen:

You will immediately arrive in the Expenses overview of the entire company, or at least the branches you have access to - which is defined by the administrator.

In the overview, you will be able:

  • To see a 'To report'-tab to view which expenses will be included in the Accounting Report or send to your software integration,
  • Run an Accounting Report and set expenses as reported,
  • Export multiple file formats at the same time (excel, pdf, csv, xml).

Note: For the accounts with an integration we will not show the 'Run accounting report'-button, but if needed you can activate it from the advanced settings

The 'To Report'-Tab

This great new overview will keep you updated on expenses that went through the complete approval flow. In other words, these are the expenses that are ready to be reported.

The 'Run Accounting Report'-button

When you click on this button, a popup will provide you with the necessary options to configure your report. 

Sync to

When your account has an integration to Exact, Quickbooks, Freshbooks, … you will see a simple button that will allow you to send your expenses to your accounting software.

Custom Exports & Actions

You can now use the filter on the right side to generate a custom set of expenses and export them via the Export button. 

  • Create a custom report based on your filters,
  • Select specific expenses that you want to include in your report,
  • Generate different file formats at the same time.


For the accounting report, we only need you to fill in the end date of the report. We will then create a report with all expenses that have gone through the complete approval flow. The report will contain all expenses for all branches unless you have selected a branch as well. Once the report is made and you checked the box to archive these expenses, they will get the status 'Reported' and these expenses will not end up in the next accounting report.


2.1 Standard report

In this reporting type you can create any overview you want by using all filters you want to combine.

2.2 VAT reclaim

This report will give you a detailed overview with all VAT information, until the end date you have filled in.

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